Unlike other managed service providers. Econ-IT puts you and your company first. You can rely on Econ-IT to assist and resolve any issues with speed and efficiency, saving you time, hassle and money.


Econ-IT will guarantee a reduction of 30% on your current cost of IT services. Econ-IT's pricing structure assures you long term savings on all IT services and products.


Econ-IT's fresh approach to IT will make sure the solutions we provide not only delivery affordability and reliability but also on innovation. Our no frills approach guarantees you just what you need and nothing else.


If we can't fix it we won't charge for it. It's that simple! The last thing you want to find are hidden and often high charges after singing up to a service. Econ-IT will make sure there are no hidden surprises for you and will never charge you for a service that was not completed.